Pioneer Smooth Retaining Walls



Add a sophisticated, contemporary look to any landscape using smooth concrete sleepers, at a price similar to hardwood. These pioneer smooth retaining walls are made using 40MPA concrete and reinforced with steel, You will find these are an economical option for a durable, low maintenance retaining wall in your Canberra outdoor space.

Pioneer Smooth retaining walls give you a timeless structure for your outdoor landscape in Canberra. Retaining walls offer interest to your outdoor area, and a touch of class.

Your landscape is not truly be complete without retaining walls to add a gorgeous, structured and permanent feature that your family friends will admire and you can enjoy for many years to come.  The Pioneer smooth retaining wall creates professional landscapes with stunning and classic beauty. Check out our range, and and advice in Canberra.


1.2m x 200mm x 75mm

1.53m x 200mm x 75mm

2m x 200mm x 75mm