Hastings Retaining Walls



Hastings retaining walls will provide you with timeless structure for your outdoor landscape. These retaining walls will add depth and a valuable feature to your Canberra property. The simply gorgeous texture and classic tones of
Hastings create a realistic finish on each block. Hasting retaining wall blocks offer natural tones that can be used to contrast or blend in with your property’s existing outdoor settings.

These retaining wall blocks give you a user-friendly option to create aspects of varying levels, and useful outdoor areas throughout in your garden. The appealing and modern lines of the retaining wall provide a high end finish that will be noticed and envied by everyone on your Canberra street.

You will obtain a classy and natural structure for you outdoor landscape, with Hastings retaining walls, which abound in elegance.

When you landscape your outdoor garden space in Canberra, retaining walls add a stunning, organised and timeless feature that you can enjoy for years to come.  The Hastings retaining wall blocks offer a mix of modern colours and textures to inspire your creative and professional landscapes with impressive and long-lasting beauty. Check out our retaining wall range, and advice in Canberra.


  • 340x162x140 – Corner block
  • 245x90x195 – Half cap
  • 245x200x390 – Standard unit


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