Concrete pavers

Class. Dimension. Durability

If you’re looking to landscape your outdoor area, concrete pavers are another fantastic option to add class and dimension to your property. 

Offering a robust, striking and extremely versatile option, concrete pavers could be your option as an essential element of your landscaping design. These are
guaranteed to provide effortless style into your outdoor Canberra landscaping projects.

Below are our range of concrete pavers. Be in touch with us today for your obligation free quote and expert paving and landscaping advice in Canberra. We come to you!

Broadway concrete pavers create impact with style – check out this stunning option in the Viking Stone range in Canberra.

Camino concrete pavers create a striking impression with class. Check out our beautiful options in the Viking Stone range in Canberra.

The permeable paving system, Causeway is the low maintenance, cost-effective, and environmentally productive approach to collecting and treating water run-off.

Ideal for pedestrian use, Harbourpave pavers are light, easy to use, and available in a variety of long-lasting colours.

Interlock concrete pavers leave a lasting impression. See this striking option in the Viking Stone range in Canberra.

Large format pavers for modern designs. Plaza Stone comes in 500 by 500mm  to create maximum impact. Two neutral earthy colours offer a variety of options to suit your design.

Techpave can support considerable loads and
means they are ideal for industrial, commercial
and residential uses. The Techpave range
is available in four colours
to suit a range of applications