Marble Tiles

Marble has been for thousands of years in building and construction all over the world. Marble is synonymous with cultural grace, deep tradition and refined taste.

At Viking Stone in Canberra, we supply a beautiful collection of marble tiles for use inside and outside. Our marble is sourced from all over the world and brought to you in Canberra. If you’re looking for pavers or tiles in marble in Canberra, give us a call today.

These are the finishes of marble available to Viking Stone:

  • Brushed – This surface has texture that adds interest and grip to marble tiles.
  • Honed – This is a smooth matt finish for interior floors and walls.
  • Polished –  high gloss similar to glass.
  • Sandblasted – Offers slip resistance and is perfect for outdoor paving.
  • Split – For stone cladding.

Viking Stone’s Marble Tile Range

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