Basalt Bluestone Pavers

Strength & elegance

The Viking Stone Basalt Bluestone range is a perfect choice for indoors or outdoors. For walls, paving, pool coping and more.

Bluestone describes many different natural stones around the world. In most of Australia, Bluestone usually is synonymous with Basalt. In South Australia, however, Bluestone describes a local slate. At Viking Stone, all of our Bluestone products are Basalt. Basalt is valued for its incredible strength and durability.

Basalt and Bluestone are a natural stone, and the most common volcanic rock found around the world. This stone is formed when lava flows cool, and provides similarities to Granite.

The finishes available for Basalt and Bluestone include:

  • Sawn – This is a smooth non-slip finish suitable for inside and outside. Some of the original saw marks will be retained during processing.
  • Honed – This is a smooth finish only suitable for interior floors and walls.
  • Ripple – This is a rough surface with linear cuts. The cuts give a rippled look which is beautiful when used with water features and feature walls.
  • Exfoliated – This is ideal for exterior floors and walls.

All of Viking Stone basalt and bluestone tiles, pavers and cladding are suitable for external and internal uses. Give Viking Stone in Canberra a call today and we can help advise you on the best options for your project.

Viking Stone Basalt & Bluestone Paver Range

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