Keystone Retaining Walls



Perfect choice for a structured, engineered look. Curves or straight lines. The Keystone retaining wall system is robust and strong, available in standard and flushface finishes, for both straight and curved walls. The interlocking pin connecting system is best suited for engineered walls up to 15m in height.

Keystone gives you a timeless structure for your outdoor landscape. Retaining walls offer interest to your outdoor area, and a touch of class.

Your landscape is not truly be complete without retaining walls to add a gorgeous, structured and permanent feature that your family and friends will admire and you can enjoy for many years to come.  The Keystone retaining wall blocks offer a mix of modern colours to create professional landscapes with outstanding and timeless beauty. Check out our range, and advice in Canberra.


Capping Unit 310x100x455

Corner unit 90 degree 210x200x440

Flashface Unit 315x200x455

Flushface straight-sided cap 310x100x455

Standard block 315x200x455


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