Grandwall Retaining Walls



Grandwall retaining walls will provide you with timeless structure for your outdoor landscape. These retaining walls will add depth and a valuable feature to your Canberra property. The simply gorgeous texture and classic tones of
Grandwall create a realistic finish on each block.

These retaining wall blocks give you a convenient option to create structure, and practical outdoor space in your garden. The distinctive and contemporary lines of the retaining wall provide a polished finish that will be the envy of everyone on your Canberra street.

Offering a classic structure for you outdoor landscape, Grandwall retaining walls offer beauty and elegance.

When you landscape your outdoor garden space in Canberra, retaining walls add a stunning, organised and timeless feature that you can enjoy for years to come.  The Grandwall retaining wall blocks offer a mix of modern colours and textures to inspire your creative and professional landscapes with impressive and long-lasting beauty. Check out our retaining wall range, and advice in Canberra.


  • 340x162x140 – Corner block
  • 245x65x195 – Half cap
  • 245x162x390 – Standard unit


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