Retaining walls

Structure. Depth. Dimension for your landscape

Retaining walls add a level of structure, depth and dimension to your landscape. Viking Stone in Canberra offers a range of high quality and durable retaining walls for all of your landscaping needs. Whether residential or commercial, our retaining walls are a way to enhance your property. Retaining walls add a sense of history, adding permanent structure to your property. Helping to divide up outdoor Canberra living spaces, giving your garden or patio area elements of dimension, our retaining walls will be a feature in your Canberra property for years to come. Residential and civil retaining wall options are shown below.

A renovation of your outdoor space will not truly be complete without one of our retaining walls to add a striking, organised and permanent feature that your guests will admire and you can enjoy.  Viking Stone’s versatile range of retaining wall blocks offer a mix of modern colours and textures to inspire your creative and professional landscapes with impressive and long-lasting beauty. Check out our range, and and advice in Canberra.

Manufactured using 40MPA concrete and reinforced with steel, our retaining walls are an economical option for a durable, low maintenance structure in your outdoor space, either for residential or civil retaining walls. For Canberra’s best range and leading advice for your retaining walls, look no further than Viking Stone.

Viking Stone retaining walls range

Offering a timeless natural structure for your outdoor landscape, Arrinastone retaining walls offer contemporary style and harmony.

Grandwall retaining walls give elegant structure for your outdoor landscape in Canberra. These retaining walls will add a truly spectacular feature to your outdoor space.

Hastings retaining wall blocks offer neutral tones that can be used to contrast or blend in with outdoor

Heron retaining walls give an elegant and strong structure to your landscape. In a range of colours, these retaining walls are timeless, durable, and an enviable outdoor feature to add value.

Offering a timeless natural structure for you outdoor landscape, Pioneer sandstone retaining walls offer style and harmony.

Offering a timeless natural structure for you outdoor landscape, Keystone retaining walls offer style and harmony.

Add a sophisticated, cutting edge look to your outdoors using smooth concrete sleepers, at an economical price similar to hardwood.

Pioneer timberlook eplicates colour and texture of real timber, but made of concrete. Avoid the worry of termites, rotting or warping that would normally compromise a timber retaining wall.

Offering a timeless natural structure for you outdoor landscape, Valleystone retaining walls offer style and harmony.

Providing you with a natural look for you outdoor landscape, Sydneystone retaining walls offer elegance and strength.

The stylish, robust retaining wall system, Vintagestone will give you a classic structured effect.